Josefina is a spiritual, physical and mentally empowering woman of God. She is also beautiful inside and out. She brings out the best in me. i love her.

Valorie Roberts

She is an inspiration! A genuine human being full of love, energy and positivism!

Jacqueline Sposito

Dr. Josefina, is beautiful person inside out, very inspiring, very optimistic, happy, transmitting good energy through her facebook channel to any person that is willing to change their lives, she is a guide, she is a lighthouse, she is being guided by a higher power, to empower people from all over the world that watch her Facebook, she always give the best of herself and a message every morning that we need to thrust our life journey and encourage us to work hard and with sacrifices we can reach any goal that we propose to do in our lifes, I want to congratulate her for be so nice so caring and loving person leaving a legacy of love and kindness, I hope she continue doing what she is doing for many, many years and inspiring people from all over the world every day of her live, God bless her. 😉🙏🏻

Carlitos Way

Dr. J is a very positive and Very empowering personality.

Anwar El Cedro

Amazing woman who is the best kind of teacher ..she practices what she preaches! A role model for all of us.

JosephandBarbara LoRocco

She is my new idol! Love her work!! Just began lifting again and saw her my second day back in the game. Totally grateful for her!!

Andye AndinhaNiakan-Molnár

When I began working with Dr. Josefina, I was suffering from depression. I had more of life behind me than ahead, and felt my life had no meaning. As I struggled to find purpose, I spent much money and time with psychotherapy, “energy healers”, and stacks of self-help books; my inbox filled with missives from motivational speakers and “positive thinkers” from throughout the blogosphere.

After only six weeks working with Dr. Josefina, I have experienced a transformation. She not only taught me to use positive affirmations, but encouraged and assisted me to develop affirmations that applied specifically to my circumstance.

With her instruction and support I am setting goals, and am confident they will be achieved. Her positive energy is contagious. Thus, I have eliminated negative thinking that has plagued me for much of my life. Her methods are successful, because they are based on sound principles that she applies in her own life. I now know that it is not too late, and I can accomplish whatever I desire!"


Reminders of how to keep going, refocus, rebalance and define what is truly important and delete what is not from our lives is what I got from the class. It is very difficult to change life patterns; but even if we make little adjustments or are mindful of what is important------because we may have lost our way for whatever reasons that come into everyone's life-------that is the value.

No, I, personally, may not do affirmations every day like you, but guess what: I am now mindful of them-------and can turn to it and reaffirm important lessons much more readily now than before I took the classes. It makes you aware of what you were not aware of before. That is indeed valuable."

Nancy R.

This has been an eye opening experience! There is so much to do and learn but I am not going to let it overwhelm me. It takes the first step to walk 1,000 miles. I have always approached life as a lifelong journey of learning."


Thanks for being one of those who reach out to others to share all the jewels we have within!"


That is an awesome website. I love all the pictures. You look better now than you did when you were younger. Now that's talent!!"

Laura G.

Thanks so much for teaching me to believe and expect the best from life again. Since my husband's death 4 years ago I was stuck in a rut to say the least. By the end of your class, I had regained my positive attitude and starting speaking and planning my future in a way of writing down and doing my treasure map. Before your class, I would have thought this was a silly thing to do.

I proceeded to cut a pretty new house out of the real estate magazine not knowing where the money would come from. Two days later my son called and says mom I think you should sell your and dad's house here in Ohio and buy a new house for you in Florida. I had been keeping the home in Ohio only because the have begged me the home there because their dad built it. I knew they were trying to keep the memories of their father I didn't go against their wishes. God does work in mysterious ways doesn't He? I thank you for teaching me that it is OK to dream and to expect those dreams to come true. I have five more things I am hoping for and I fully expect to have in God's time. Forever Grateful,"

Charlene J.

This is to all who want to know the empowerment that you can experience with this incredible lady. I was just getting back into working out when Josephina was working out. We started to chat and especially after knowing each other for almost 20 years she suggested that we train together for 6 weeks because she was getting ready for an up and coming competition. I agreed and we settled on a time. When we met up for our first workout she handed me her workbook and said, 'If you are serious about changing your body and making positive changes in your life we need to do both external and internal transformation.'

This has been my most exciting life change mentally and physically. I lost 28 pounds and my attitude has been revitalized. I look forward to every day and knowing that the universe and God and my dearest friend's inspiration and knowledge and her empowerment program has had an incredible, positive impact on my life. I am now looking forward to my first bodybuilding or figure competition this summer and never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that would ever be a possibility. To you Josefina I give my thanks and my love and eternal gratefulness."

Micki W.