Dr. Josefina has been featured around the world through different media organizations sharing her accomplishments. Her lifestyle has been published by many news organizations, and she has made many personal appearances:

Dr. Josefina has been featured in these recent news articles and media appearances:

NPC Florida Gold Cup - First Place women’s Physique over 40
NPC Southern States Championships
Women's Open Bodybuilding Second Place
Women's Physique Class A fourth Place

NPC Hurricane Bay Championships
Open women's Physique Second Place
Open women's Bodybuilding First Place

NPC Anna Level West Palm Beach Championships
Women's Physique Short First Place
Women's Bodybuilding First Place
Womens over 60 First Place

NPC southern States - Second Place
Master's Nationals - Second Place

NPC South Florida
Women over 40 - First place
NPC Typhoon Bay - First place open class
Best female poser
Overall championship

NPC. Southeastern USA -First place women over 50
NPC Hurricane Bay - First place women over 50

NPC Mid Florida Muscle Classic - 1st in women over 40
The NPC Southern States -First place plus overall women over 50
NPC. Central Florida District - First place women over 40
NPC Southern States - Second place women over 50
NPC Master's Nationals - Second place women over 60